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Today, women are busy with the responsibilities associated with work, school and raising a family. These responsibilities can sometimes cause women to sacrifice having a balanced and healthy lifestyle. A recent study in the United States suggests that only 18% of women get the recommended 20 minutes of daily physical activity. For many, including ourselves, it is difficult to know where and how to start your journey to obtain a healthy lifestyle. There are several existing online forums dedicated to this, but they have a strong focus on men’s health. This makes it even more difficult for women to achieve an active and balanced lifestyle. This is why we created Women In Need.


We called our business Women In Need because we know women are in need of a balanced and healthy way of living. With all the responsibilities that women face, it is very easy for women to become selfless and put their health secondary to everything else. As well, because the majority of health and wellness forums are dedicated to men’s health, women need a space where they can learn and support each other while attaining a healthy way of living.


In an effort to support women through their health journey, we created this online forum. This forum serves as an interactive platform for women of all ages to participate in and expand their knowledge relating to nutrition, fitness and overall well-being. We hope that you participate so you can help and learn from other women!

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